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Feuerwanzen lügen nicht
Fire bugs don't lie

Mischa finds the jokes of his best friend Nits super. Nits admires the all-round talented Mischa because he knows a thousand facts about animals. Nits would have unconditionally believed everything Mischa said, until he stumbles across more and more lies and learns that there are completely different truths behind it all - fatal family secrets that not even Mischa's little sister Amy knows about. But, how could he not have seen all this!?

A stirring story of poverty, shame and injustice. A novel in which the

award-winning author Stefanie Höfler sonorously and powerfully tells of deep trust, vulnerability and courage. And of a phenomenal friendship that survives even that.


Written by Stefanie Höfler

Coverillustration by Carla Haslbauer


Published 20.07.2022


German Beltz&Gelberg

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