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Die Tode meiner Mutter 
My Mothers Delightful Deaths

What could it mean that your mom is paid to die? It could mean she’s an opera singer!


How does it feel to grow up as the child of a glamorous opera singer? It’s anything but boring! In a single day, Mom’s mood can change—from very quiet to loud to quick-tempered. By day she plays with the children, but at night a transformation occurs! Who will Mother be today? When Mom is on stage, she delights her audience and her countless tragic, but also funny, death scenes leave a special impression. But to her family, she is always Mom.


Carla Haslbauer’s hilarious debut picture book, inspired by the world of opera, reminds us that we all slip into many different roles.

«Haslbauer (whose own mother was an opera singer) employs smart pacing and dramatic page-turns as the narrator explains what it’s like to be related to someone who is larger than life.»

The Horn Book


2021 -Shortlist - Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2021 

2021 - Nominated - Serafina Nachwuchspreis Illustration 

2021 - Shortlist - Heinrich-Wolgast-Preis 

Written by Carla Haslbauer

Illustrated by Carla Haslbauer

SBN: 978-3-314-10561-6

Published 2021

«Die (Opern)Tode meiner Mutter» 

Opera for children.

Opernhaus ZürichTheater Freiburg



German  NordSüd

English   NorthSouth Books

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